Alien Sun

Digital painting of a star

This is one of my “fractal paintings”, a digital painting that is based on a fractal image. I like the otherworldliness of this picture.

If you like this image you can order a printed version at Fine Art America.


Today I uploaded two of my fractal abstracts on Fine Art America. They both have a cosmic feeling to them, like so many fractals.

This one I called “Genesis”.

A digital painting based on a fractal

And this one is “Orbit”.

Digital painting based on a fractal

You can follow the links if you want to see how they look on a tote bag.  Or a shower curtain.  Or a phone case. Or as a framed print.

The tote bags looks so good that I am going to be my own best customer.

Alas, Destroyed

Mural on the corner of Cambie Street, Vancouver

This is one of the many murals that have been destroyed in the last years.  It was in the alley behind West Cordova Street, on the corner of Cambie Street.

The entire back alley between Richards Street and Cambie Street was covered with interesting and beautiful murals. This series of paintings was called “Cold World”. Most of them are gone.

You can still see parts of it, but it’s a shame. I am glad that I took the photo in 2013.


The sign of the Georgia Hotel in Vancouver

A snapshot through a car window on a rainy December night in Vancouver. It is the sign of the Georgia Hotel on West Georgia Street.

Car Doors

Car Doors

I found this old Dodge hidden in high grass behind the farm house of a friend in Maple Ridge.